To me, literature is profundity. It’s
about exploring the human spirit, the desire of humans to communicate
to other humans what it is to be human in all its forms. It’s about
escaping from your own life and diving into someone else’s, or even
into another world, and then coming back to your own life with a new
perspective, a new sense of being, or gratitude for your own life.

What are your personal reasons for
studying English Literature?

In 2010, I came to study English
Literature with the intention of working in the literary field. I
thought of perhaps becoming a translator or an editor. But as time
wore on and my studies progressed, I realized that I missed the messy
creative process of painting very much. It was around this same time
that I had a poetry class which, ironically, was pivotal to finding
my new path to writing. That class opened up my mind to new ideas
about the creative process. I saw that though I could not paint, I
could still externalize my creative impulses using words. I noticed
that the words the teacher used to describe or talk about poems were
not that different from those I’d use to talk about the visual arts.
Once that notion took root in my mind, I opened up my creative
impulses to flow through a new medium, the art of story telling.

I came back to study English Literature
in 2017 with the same idea I had about the diploma in 2010, it was a
means to an end. But now, especially these last two weeks, I’m
seriously wondering if I might be deluding myself again into thinking
I could be anything other than a creative. I mean, I know most
creatives are also teachers or in other professions connected to
their field of practice. But for me, it is abortive to think this
way. And every time I’ve tried it, I’ve failed.

So why study literature? To better my
chances of success? To seem more credible? To pass for good enough? I
don’t know. What I do know is that this new way of expressing myself
is good for me, and that in itself is good enough.

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